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One of the largest libraries in the United States built in 1886. The New York Public Library has over 2,000,000 registered members. It has four research libraries. The library supervises eighty other libraries in the neighborhood. The Main Research Library is one of the prominent features of the Public Library. It has a large reading room. It was originally opened to public in 1911.


Public Library is a combination of the Astor Library and Lenox Library. John Jacob Astor finances the Astor Library. Lenox Library is located in the Frick Museum. A grant of $2.4 million was offered by Samuel J. Tilden to fund the construction of the Public Library. To fund the building of the neighborhood libraries, Andrew Carnegie donated $5.2 million. These neighborhood libraries are located in Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island.

In Public Library, you will find the Schomburg Center for Black Research and Culture, the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts and the Science and Business Library.

The Main Research Library

The Main Research Library was built in 1911 and is located at 5th avenue in 40th Street. Carrere and Hastings, an architectural firm designed the Main Research Library. More than seventy five miles of open shelves are offered by the Research Library. The leading reading room 315 is seventy eight feet in length and two hundred and seventy nice feet in width. The ceiling of the library is fifty two feet high.

The two lion statues made of pink Tennessee marble are located in front of the entrance of the library. Edward Clark Potter is the architect of the statues. The two lion are symbolic and represent the Astor and Lenox (founders of library) respectively. Nowadays, the two lions represent uptown and downtown.

The New York Library in Popular Culture

The library has featured in several books, movies and television programs. This library is featured in Breakfast at Tiffany's, the Wiz, Spiderman, and Duplicate keys by Jane Smiley. Some television program also featured this library such as Seinfeld.

Ask a Question

A telephone reference system was built in 1968. You can get answers to your questions using this system. The service remains available from 9am to 6pm. The system is being managed by ten researchers holding various degrees.

Today, you can also ask questions through email. You will have to wait for about 35 minutes before getting a response.

Visiting the New York Library

Everyone can visit the main reading room. The local residents can apply for a library card for free but tourists will have to pay $100 fee for applying. Children can also apply for a library card but at the library. People can also apply online for library card. More than 15,000,000 people visit this library every year but out of these 15,000,000 people, only 1,860,000 have library card.

The Public Library is equipped with wireless internet access. Of you bring your laptop with you; you can access the internet for free. Make sure that your system has an 801.11 wireless card installed.

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Public Library in New York

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