Essential Ringtone Etiquette at the Library

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You are quietly studying for an upcoming quiz in the sanctuary of a quiet library. You need all the concentration you can muster to pass this test so the library is the only place to keep your focus at maximum. Everything is so silent and you are fully concentrated on your lecture notebook when suddenly a rude interruption breaks the comfortable silence. You look around and see the culprit. Somebody's cell phone's loud and unforgiving ringtone is the source of the upsetting noise. You get distracted, irritated and peeved at the cell phone owner's inconsideracy.

No doubt you and all the other people quietly reading in the library would let the guilty mobile phone owner feel your collective disgust and irritation. The librarian may even give him a sharp reprimand for his carelessness. Nobody likes a rule-breaker in a library and it is common knowledge that mobile phones are supposed to be turned off when inside. What was the guy thinking, leaving his cell phone on and at a very high volume at that!

This is a scenario that happens quite a lot in library and almost everyone has experienced it. Ringtones are one of the most disliked noises inside a library and it goes without saying that a person who is careless enough to leave his mobile on while in the library is asking for trouble. The careless phone owner will distract so many from their work if somebody so much as calls him that it becomes quite hard for the people inside to resume the same level of concentration before the ringing came on. The library has rules and these rules were made with good reason. The rule on cell phones was made for the benefit of everybody studying in the library because libraries are meant to be places of quiet study and reflection.

So the next time you hit the library, do your part. Before entering the library, take out your cell phone and make absolutely sure that it is turned off. Otherwise, you might be in for a harsh scolding from the librarian plus dagger looks from the other library visitors when your cell phone suddenly bursts into sound.

Embarrassing scene, isn't it? Put it into your head that you need to make sure your cell phone is turned off each time you enter the library. Take it as a simple way to observe the Golden Rule "Do not to others what you do not wish them to do to you." If you keep to the library rules then you can enjoy your stay at the library and also avoid embarrassing scenes and heated disputes. Unnecessary ringtone mishaps in the library can be duly avoided and if only everybody followed the rules carefully, we would all be able to make the most out of our studying at the library.

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Essential Ringtone Etiquette at the Library

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This article was published on 2010/03/27